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The route of the American Forces from the Normandy

invasion beaches of June 6th 1944 across France through

Luxembourg and on to Bastogne in Belgium's Ardennes,

the heart of the Battle of the Bulge, is today known as the

'Voie de la Liberté'


'Liberty Road'

Liberty Road marker stone

Every kilometer along this evocative and historical route,
the French, Luxemburg and Belgian governments have erected marker stones
to commemorate the 1944 path of their countries' American liberators.
The 'Liberty Road' runs like a thread through the pilgrimage journeys
of so many American veterans returning to Europe.

Here is the story of the pilgrimage journey of the veterans of
the 79th Infantry Divison, as told by specialist military journalist
and broadcaster Brian Matthews.

Please place your mouse pointer over the individual pictures
for a short explanation of them.

All text and images are © Brian Matthews
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