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About Us

Meet Staff is a limited company registered in the UK. Its directors are Patrick Hinchy and Robert Boulton with associate Tony Le Tissier

Patrick Hinchy imagePatrick Hinchy has a masters degree from Oxford University, speaks four languages and has planned, organized and guided tours for groups of all kinds around Europe for 25 years, ranging from antique collectors to veterans. For 12 years he worked closely with Lt. Col. (Ret) Hal Ryder, D-Day veteran and the originator of US military veterans tours to Europe. This has given Patrick an unparalleled understanding of World War Two and Cold War Europe, and made him among American military veterans one of the most respected and best known tour guides for veterans tours to Europe.

Here are some of the main veterans associations whose groups Patrick has taken around Europe, in addition to many smaller unit groups. He has taken many groups more than once.

Infantry and Airborne divisions: 4th, 17th, 26th, 28th, 35th, 42nd, 45th, 66th, 76th, 79th, 80th, 89th, 90th,100th, 102nd, 103rd, 104th.

Armored divisions: 1st, 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th.

HQ Staff, etc: SHAEF, 3rd Army HQ, VBOB, VMI Alumni.

Bob Boulton imageBob Boulton is a retired infantry major who for many years served as a professional soldier all over the world and in Cold War Europe. After retirement from the Army, Bob founded Abbey Connoisseur Tours and became one of the most sought-after providers of guide services for small, exclusive American groups.

As an experienced European travel professional in the North American market, he and Patrick together form the efficient, effective and very experienced management team of


Tony LeTissier imageTony le Tissier is a retired French and German speaking lieutenant colonel who spent 22 years in Cold War Berlin, first as Provost Marshal of the British Sector and later employed by the Foreign Office dealing directly with the Soviets, including being the last British governor of Spandau Allied Prison while Rudolf Hess was imprisoned there.

A recognized expert on World War II and the Cold War, he is the author of six books featuring Berlin, and has also conducted veterans tours in France, Belgium and Germany.


Post Office Box 340, Flourtown, PA 19301-0340 | is a limited company registered in the UK No.4288527, with offices in UK & USA | Registered office address: 19 New Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1EY  UK